Early IT days lead organisation to multiply systems. On this mission, i lead the process of merging multiple first generation websites into a single application that would facilitate the users experience, the data management and business processes.

In order to help the IT team to achieved their goals, i conducted a process and a design inventory in order to define a common content architecture. Completed with user interviews to catch most common failing process and UX fails, that inventory allowed to set the list of all components needed to fullfill the designed userflows for all user stories

I then conducted the UI design process with a strong attention to details on forms components to avoid common UX errors and specific ones gathered during interviews.

I then lead the front end developpement phase with an atomic design full prototype followed by an angular conversion.

Institut des Hauts de Seine

Sorba Payreau


Se Loger


Involved in the early days of Delarom history, i supported the founding team by setting the brand.

During this early stage, i lead the design of the brand identity, packaging and key communication elements.

The brand identity included the creation of the brand logotype itself, selection of complementary font and colors for products, print and web.

The packaging guidelines was created upon a selection of key packaging formats including both container and packaging

The Key communications visuals, included advertisement and print works, set the tone for the production of multiple campaign's.

The initial key ingredients of the brand remains unchanged today