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Institut des Hauts de Seine


Involved in the early days of Delarom history, i supported the founding team by setting the brand.

During this early stage, i lead the design of the brand identity, packaging and key communication elements.

The brand identity included the creation of the brand logotype itself, selection of complementary font and colors for products, print and web.

The packaging guidelines was created upon a selection of key packaging formats including both container and packaging

The Key communications visuals, included advertisement and print works, set the tone for the production of multiple campaign's.

The initial key ingredients of the brand remains unchanged today


Sorba Payreau

Schneider electric

This particular mission allowed me to drive a team of multiple facilitators during a full week of workshops with one common goal : helping Schneider electric teams adopt a more digital culture and define a methodology to implement marketing automation.

This allowed me to build and lead a team of complementary facilitators (UX, Marketing, Data), craft a journey with multiple workshops allowing employees form diverses business unit to reset their assumptions, focus on the customer priorities, set objectives and design marketing automation flows.

More than the results, those workshops participate in defining and adjusting collaboratively after every session, a methodology that facilitate the deployment of marketing automation through the group multiple business units.