Entrepreneur, Innovation facilitator and digital product designer based in Paris, France. I love building digital projects with meaningful teams and clients.

I specialize in conducting creative workshops through design thinking and building digital guidelines with an atomic design vision. My production capabilities are Brand identity, digital product design, information architecture, user experience design, user interface design and front-end development (Atomic, SCSS, RWD) ... but also deep house, rock-climbing, kite, surf and other addictive leisures.

I founded Audacy in 2003, a digital boutique combining advisory and digital production capabilities. We help clients build effective digital products. As managing partner, i drive digital innovation and design projects through efficient collaborative and creative methodologies.

I also failed writing my own blog, and a few unborn startups. But i'am still looking to push forward new concepts (Cubly and Sondz are the lastests i got involved with).

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